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Environmental Information

The Gladstone Region enjoys an ideal tropical climate all year round making the Region a perfect place to live. The hot summer, mild winter and picturesque spring and autumn make fun in the sun a typical pastime.

Our average temperatures range from a moderate 18-20 degrees Celsius (65 to 70 Fahrenheit) in the winter months of June and July and up to 27-29 degrees Celsius (80 to 85 Fahrenheit) in middle of the summer months of December and January. Despite the change in the air temperature, the water temperature remains relatively stable at a comfortable 23-25 degrees Celsius (73 to 77 Fahrenheit) all year long.

Whilst most of the year the weather is bright and sunny, the Gladstone Region occasionally experiences periods of sub-tropical rain. But even when it’s raining there is still plenty to do and see in the Gladstone region!

Just so you know it can also get humid and muggy in summer but the sea breezes help and there is always the option to escape to your air conditioning while you acclimatise.

For more information about our weather, please go to  WillyWeather, WeatherZone  or Bureau of Meteorology.

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