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Travel subsidy helps overcome distance barrier Your hospital, with Dr Nicki Murdock

The Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme is there to help people access healthcare not available in the district.


The scheme is there to make sure that those who need subsidy get it, and that otherwise the money is continued to be spent on services in our hospital.


If you are referred to a specialist outside of our district ask your GP if there is someone in the district that provides the same service.


If there is then you can choose to go to another doctor but you will not be subsidised to travel there.


For instance, if you prefer to see an orthopaedic surgeon in Brisbane for a hip replacement, that is your right but the hospital will not subsidise your travel because hips are regularly replaced in the district by local surgeons.


However trips to Brisbane for services not available here, for example cochlear implant, will be subsidised.


The district spends almost $18 million subsidising travel to Brisbane and other areas.


There are sometimes exceptions to the rules because the subsidy decision takes into account all sorts of information, condition of the patient, need for escort, family support, and more.


The more information given at the time of application the more likely it is that the correct decision will be made quickly.


If you are not happy with the decision then an appeal can be made.

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