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How Gladstone Fits Into CQ?

Gladstone is the second largest population centre in Central Queensland, after Rockhampton a further 120 kilometres to the north.

Gladstone is the port of Central Queensland and exports an array of resource and primary commodities from our region. While coal from the rich fields about 450 kilometers to the west of Gladstone is by far Gladstone biggest export, we also export wheat and locally manufactured cement, alumina and aluminium. In the near future we will add Liquid Natural Gas to this list.

As well as our sheltered deep water harbour and location between Central Queensland’s rich resource fields and the customers of those resources, the other reason that so many industries have chosen to set up is our nearby State Development Area. This area of 28,400 hectares is separated from the Gladstone community and has been set aside by the Queensland Government for future industrial development.

As well as our industries, one and a half hours drive south of Gladstone the townships of Agnes Water and 1770 are Queensland’s northernmost surf beaches and provide a great weekend escape.

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