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Gladstone Lingo

Local lingo

So, you are looking to move to Gladstone? Great, let’s learn the lingo! (Australian for language)

You will hear people refer to this great region by various names! So here’s an insight.

Or, if it all seems a little confusing…ask a local. They will love to share their lingo with you.

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Gladstone Lingo
  • Gladdy Happy Rock, Glad Vegas, G-Town – Gladstone
  • Bilo – Biloela
  • BITS – Boyne Island Tannum Sands
  • Brissy – Brisbane
  • Bundy – Bundaberg
  • CQ – Central Queensland
  • Rockie – Rockhampton
Business and Shopping
  • Bottlo – Bottle Shop where you purchase alcohol
  • Maccas – McDonalds Fast Food Restaurant
  • Servo – Petrol station / gas station / service station
  • Woolies – Woolworths shopping centre
  • Yachties – Port Curtis Sailing Club
  • Ambo – Ambulance
  • Bucks – Money
  • CAS – Community Advisory Service (part of the Gladstone Regional Council)
  • Chrissie – Christmas
  • Cop – Police officer
  • Cop Shop – Police Station
  • CQIT – Central Queensland Institute of Trade And Further Education
  • CQU – Central Queensland University
  • Firies – Fire fighter
  • Kindy – children’s kindergarten / short stay child care and education
  • Mate or Buddy – Friend or associate
  • PCYC – Police Citizens Youth Club, a community centre and sports club
  • Pressie – Present
  • Rego – Registration
  • Salvos – Salvation Army
  • Schooner/Pot – Different beer glass sizes – schooner is larger than a pot
  • Shout – Buy a round of drinks for people in your group.
  • TAFE – Trade And Further Education
  • The Base – Gladstone (Base) Hospital
  • Vinnies  – Saint Vincent de Paul
Terms on Invitations/Events
  • All you can eat – Smorgasbord, where you help yourself to as much food as you like
  • Baby Shower – Party for someone expecting a baby
  • Black Tie Dress – Worn after 4.30pm. Men wear a black dinner suit with white shirt, cufflinks, a black bow tie, black socks and shoes. Women wear formal dinner dresses long or short
  • Bring a Plate – Bring a plate of food to share
  • Bucks/Hens Nights – Parties for the groom or bride to be prior to their wedding
  • BYO – Bring your own drinks, food etc. (it’s regarded as a bit rude to come empty handed to a party)
  • Cocktail Dress – Worn after 5pm. Men wear a suit and tie. Women wear dresses
  • Cocktail Party – Cocktail drinks and finger food are served
  • Esky – Portable insulated container for keeping food and drinks cold
  • Fancy Dress – Wear a costume to a party or event
  • Sausage Sizzle – Sausage in a piece of bread
  • Sleepover – Stay at someone else’s place for the night
  • Smart Casual Dress – For men a tailored jacket and tailored pants. Women wear dresses or pants.
Education/Schooling Terms
  • 1st Break/2nd Break – Morning Tea/Lunch
  • Chappy – School Chaplain
  • EQ – Education Queensland
  • EQIP – Education Queensland Industry Partnership (organises school based apprenticeships)
  • Free Dress Day – Children wear casual clothes, not their uniform. Normally need to bring with them a gold coin donation.
  • Gold Coin Donation – One or Two Dollar Coin.
  • Prom – End of year formal function for Year 12 school leavers.
  • Pupil Free Days – Days when teachers are in-house training, and children don’t go to school.
  • SAIN – Schools & Industry Network (arranges work experience placements).
  • Schoolies – student celebration to mark the end of high school education.
  • Sunsmart – Don a wide brimmed hat, long sleeved shirt and sunscreen.
Industry Abbreviations
  • BSL – Boyne Smelters Limited
  • GAWB – Gladstone Area Water Board
  • LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Monos – Monadelphous
  • NRG – Gladstone’s Power Station
  • QAL – Queensland Alumina Ltd
  • QCL – Queensland Cement Ltd
  • GPC – Gladstone Ports Corporation
  • Rio – Rio Tinto Alcan
  • Rio  Yarwun or CAR – Rio Tinto Alcan-Yaruwn (alumina refinery)
  • WICET – Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal
Sport Terms
  • AFL – Australian Football League
  • Aussie Rules – Australian Football
  • Comp – Competition
  • Footy – Any form of football e.g. Australian Rules, Rugby Leagues, Rugby Union or Soccer.
  • Rugby – Rugby League or Rugby Union.
  • Soccer – British football
  • Grid Iron – American football (you’re going to have to explain it to most Aussies)
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