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Safety comes first at Gladstone Hospital Your Hospital, with Dr Nicki Murdock

Statistics about the death of babies 28 days and under were in the newspaper last week.


These statistics cover all babies who are born here, or return to the area and then die, before 28 days of life.


All babies who are over 20 weeks gestation are included, so if a mother loses a baby at 21 weeks gestation, that is nearly 5 months early, then that baby will be counted as part of these figures.


There are times when the death of a baby or infant is inevitable, times when it is a possibility and times when it is avoidable, it is always very sad.


All health services have processes in place to ensure that all deaths, of babies and others, are examined to look for preventable causes.  An unexpected death of a baby will be investigated to ensure that everything that needed to be done was done.  We ask ourselves, “could we have done anything better?”


There are many different reasons for a baby to die, antenatal problems, infections, birth abnormalities, inherited abnormalities or trauma. In all cases safety comes first and that is why it takes at least 5 years for a doctor to be trained as a Paediatrician.

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