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Gladstone Health Services

Gladstone’s Health Services

Gladstone is served by a public and a private hospital, a number of specialists and GPs who bulk bill, selectively bulk bill patient groups and who do not offer bulk billing.

The Gladstone communities places a high value on the delivery of high quality health services for our community and are generally very supportive of the Gladstone Hospital. To coordinate and maximise the quality of Gladstone’s health services, leaders from the community, health providers, major industry and our three levels of government have come together to form the Gladstone Health Partnership.


Gladstone Public Hospital

The Gladstone community is very supportive of the Gladstone Hospital. Our public hospital employs about 470 people and services the general health needs for our region.  Our hospital has a busy obstetrics wards and delivers more than 600 babies each year.

The Gladstone Hospital offers a range of general and specialist inpatient and outpatient services. It has capacity for 72 beds and offers specialist services in orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology. View a comprehensive list of services offered at the Gladstone Hospital website.

While the Gladstone Hospital can locally meet the general health needs of our community, there may be circumstances in which a transfer to a larger Brisbane or regional hospital is required for more specialised treatment.

The latest performance information for the Gladstone Hospital is available here.


Gladstone Mater Private Hospital

In you have private health insurance you can access the wide range of specialist services offered at Gladstone’s private hospital, The Gladstone Mater. The Mater has a fully equipped Outpatients Department and a Day Surgery Unit. Like all Mater Hospitals in Australia, the Gladstone Mater is fully accredited by The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

The latest performance information for the Gladstone Mater Hospital is available here.


GP clinics in Gladstone

While GPs are located in medical practices throughout the Gladstone, many do not offer bulk billing or only bulk bill specific patient groups. Some clinics also offer only limited consultations outside of normal office hours.

Gladstone’s major GP clinics can be found on the Health Engine website. This site also shows the available appointment times for some clinics.

One clinic that offers extended hours of operations and limited bulk billing is the recently opened Gladstone GP Super Clinic  The Super Clinic offers a wide range of health services and is collocated with a pharmacy.

For those located outside of Gladstone in Boyne Island/Tannum Sands (BITS), the BITS Medical offers bulk billing and after-hours service. Visit the BITS Medical website for more information.

For a list of all primary health providers in Gladstone please go to CQ MediCare Local and enter “Gladstone” into the Region search field.


Pharmacies (Chemist)

Pharmacies are located throughout the Gladstone, however while Gladstone has a number of extended hour pharmacies, we do not have a 24 hour pharmacy.

A pharmacy is usually located nearby to our GP clinics, so if you need a pharmacy script filled it’s best to ask for a recommendation at the front desk of your GP clinic.


Other Health Services

While Gladstone has a wide range of allied healthcare providers, only some of these bulk bill patients. Ask your GP which practices they recommend or contact the Gladstone office of CQ Medicare Local.