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Small and Medium Enterprises

The Gladstone economy is supported by a growing range of SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises). Ranging from tourism operators, to the local shopping centre, Gladstone Region really has it all when it comes to small business.

Our SME’s keep the Gladstone Community growing through 7 day trading, great local knowledge and products that will keep you coming back for more!

The best way to find out about Gladstone’s general businesses, especially those in retail, is to contact the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry. GCCI is committed to supporting small and medium business in Gladstone to reach their potential, building business and economic prosperity. The Chamber does this through networking functions, workshops, seminars and campaigns.

Should you be more interested in SME businesses in the industry and construction supply chains, you should contact the Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA). The GEA exists to strengthen Gladstone business and industry, and enable continued sustainable economic growth in the Gladstone. Predominately, GEA members provide engineering, construction and maintenance services to major industrial plants in Central Queensland and the coal mines to the west. GEA also offers a wide range of networking functions, workshops, seminars and events.

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