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Major Industrial Sites

Gladstone has several major ports which export commodities around the world and several world scale minerals processing plants. The largest of these processing plants are in the alumina and aluminium sector. Gladstone has two alumina refineries which process bauxite from northern Queensland to make alumina, Al2O3. This alumina is then further processed in our aluminium smelter to make aluminium.

Gladstone also has Australia’s largest cement works and a world size manufacturer of mining chemicals. All these industries are powered by Queensland’s largest single power station which is located in Gladstone.

Recently the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) sector has been added to the list of Gladstone’s processing industries. Three massive LNG plants are due to be completed on Curtis Island in 2014/2015. Together these plants are worth about $30 billion and liquefy gaseous methane from gasfields 450 kilometres away in Central Queensland. The LNG is then stored until it is exported mostly to south east Asian countries.

Existing Industry Sites

New projects under construction


Mid-size industries

There is also a growing number of mid-size industries who have entered Gladstone. These include:

There are also several more projects in Gladstone for which advanced planning has been completed.

Gladstone’s larger contracting companies include:

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