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Gladstone’s chest pain pathway leads the way Your hospital, with Dr Nicki Murdock

This weekend some of you may have seen the news about Nambour Hospital and their new way of treating people with chest pain.


Gladstone staff won an award for their “Fast-Track” Chest Pain pathway in May this year at the 9th Australasian Healthcare Redesign Summit held in Brisbane.


Called “Busting the Bottleneck in Emergency”, the team showed a new pathway for giving people the treatment they need.


When you come to emergency with chest pain the nurses and doctors take a history and examination, an electrocardiograph (ECG) to look at heart activity and blood tests to check for “leaked” heart enzymes.


If you fall into the category of people who look unlikely to have had a heart attack you will be sent to the High Dependency Unit and monitored until a second set of heart enzyme tests can be done after six hours.


If all is negative you will be sent home and then called back in the following fortnight for an exercise stress test and review by a doctor.


So, you get reassurance quickly and the hospital can save beds for those who need them.


This is another way the hospital is serving your needs to deliver efficient and modern healthcare.

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