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Gladstone Hospital opened its doors to public Your hospital, with Dr Nicki Murdock

Last week we opened our doors and invited you in to see what we do.


We have upgraded our front entrance and now have the Queensland, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags flying.


I’m pleased some of you took the time to come on a tour of the different services.


We gave people an insight into our new services, such as the Midwifery Group Practice, which gives women the chance to have midwife-directed care during a low-risk pregnancy.


Halloween decorations in the children’s ward impressed people but perhaps the biggest hit was the laboratory.


There we saw how so much of the work is automated, achieving a turnround time of 20 minutes.


Visitors saw a blood test done and then looked at abnormal cells in blood on the TV microscope.


Our tour ended in “show bag alley” with stalls of information and handouts to take away.


There was even a chance to get a plaster cast put on.


My thanks to the visitors, and staff, who enthusiastically gave up their time.


Next year we hope for more interactive displays to entice you back. See you then!

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