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Is rent expensive in Gladstone?

For many people the great Australian dream is to own their own home. This is true for roughly two thirds of Gladstone residents who either own their home outright or who pay off a home mortgage.  However for the remaining one third of Gladstone residents who rent their home, the last few years certainly haven’t been a dream.

Over the past three years high and rising home rental prices have caused stress for many Gladstone residents but thankfully rental prices have begun to ease.

The Rental Tenancies Authority holds the deposits for Queensland’s formal accommodation rental contracts. The Authority uses this information to report on Queensland’s median rents. The median rent is the price at which the number of rental contracts above that price is equal to the number of those below it.

The Authority’s latest quarterly report shows that in the last three months there has been a decrease of $30 to $60 per week in the median price of Gladstone’s various rental categories. The Authority’s report also shows that in the past nine months there has been a $30 to $100 reduction across these categories.

There are many explanations for these reductions but they would include an easing demand for rental properties and a substantial increase in the supply of Gladstone housing. This is in part because the workforce of Gladstone’s major construction projects has peaked and property developers and house builders have substantially increased the number of new houses and apartments they release onto our market.

These changes have seen Gladstone’s rental prices fall from being some of the highest in Queensland to now being behind those in Mt Isa, Roma and some of the inner suburbs of Brisbane.

Gladstone’s house rentals are still relatively high. For a four bedroom house, the median weekly rental in Gladstone is now $540 per week, compared to Brisbane’s overall median of $490 per week and Rockhampton’s median of $400 per week.

While still high these falls in rental prices are good news for the attraction to Gladstone of health, education and emergency services workers. These professionals support our quality of life but high house rentals have discouraged many of them from moving to Gladstone. Our falls in housing rentals will mean that they will be easier to attract and keep in Gladstone.

Similarly these reductions in housing rental prices have also been a relief for Gladstone’s industries as it makes their attraction of workers to Gladstone easier.

If you would like to view a graph of Gladstone’s median rental prices over the past five years, please click here.

Updated December 2014.


Speed limits allowed are listed in kilometres and hours, and are signposted at regular intervals.

Driving over the speed limit is an offence, and you could be charged by the Queensland Police, have to pay a fine, lose demerit points from your licence or even your licence.

Generally speed limits are:

  • Highway 100km/h (unless otherwise stated)
  • Main Roads 60km/h (unless otherwise stated)
  • Built Up Areas 50km/h (unless otherwise stated)
  • School Zones 40km/h (around schools)

The Drink Driving limit for Open License holders is 0.05 (Legal Blood Alcohol Concentration).

Some other licence categories have a no alcohol limit 0.00. To keep below 0.05 men should have no more than 2 standard drinks in the first hour, and one standard drink each hour thereafter. For women the limit is no more than 1 standard drink each hour.

There is also zero tolerance for driving under the influence of Illegal Drugs. Please note prescribed or over the counter medications may also affect your ability to drive.

For further information see the Queensland Government Department of Transport website.

Updated December 2014.

What if I don't have a Queensland driver's licence?

If you have a driver’s licence from another state or country, in English or with an official translation, you are allowed to drive for your first three months as a resident in Australia. After the three months, if you want to continue to drive, you will need to obtain a Queensland driver’s licence, which may require you to pass knowledge, practical driving and eyesight tests. Driver’s’ licences are issued by the Department of Transport. For further information see the Queensland Government Department of Transport website.

Updated December 2014.

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