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Cancer Care Your hospital, with Dr Nicki Murdock

As modern medicine conquers different diseases it means that we all live longer and so we are more likely to experience cancer.


One third of us will get some sort of cancer and so there is probably not a family that has not been touched by cancer and its effects.


So it is good to hear that planning for the Cancer Care Services for Central Queensland are becoming more concrete as we appoint to the specialist positions to head up the service.


Whilst the service will be based at Rockhampton there will be increased services here in Gladstone.  We will have more clinics as outreach from Rockhampton.


To start with, the district service will be delivering more chemotherapy locally but once that is established then radiation therapy will be available in Rockhampton.


This will have a great impact on us because it will mean that patients will no longer have to leave their homes for several weeks at a time to undergo radiation therapy in Nambour or Brisbane.  How much better to be going through this difficult time with friends and relatives around us.


The radiotherapy will be given in Rockhampton but there will be follow-up clinics here in Gladstone.


So, the planning of services is looking at what we in Gladstone need to have to accommodate the greater number of patients staying in the area.

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